Rachel Arhin, known by the stage name Rashelle Blue, is a singer/songwriter, commercial model, multi-genre artiste, performer and aspiring actress.

The UK Afro Pop Sweetheart, who has had gained a share of musical experience internationally is a rising star in the Afro Pop scene.

Born in Hamburg, Germany to Ghanaian parents and having lived in London (UK) and New York City (USA) and Accra (Ghana), Rashelle has worked on her artistic talent in all these cities.
Her music reflects her RnB/Pop background as well as her African roots which gives it an authentic afro pop vibe.

The Ghanaian sweetheart graduated with a degree in Media and Creative Industries in 2015. She strongly believes it to be vital to have at the very least basic knowledge when it comes to the action behind the scenes in her career. Currently, Rashelle Blue is building the path to the top of her music career, as she has recently been signed by the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa.

With her new deal, Rashelle is set to release various new singles and official music videos under the label. Her purpose is to have a portfolio full of creative work, which will allows her to define herself as a unique musical artiste.

Rashelle Blue’s journey as a singer began when she was merely 5 years old, performing at private parties and weddings. Since, she has established herself as a professional artiste, having joined a music group at the age of 14, where she recorded and performed at venues, such as the Café Keese in Hamburg City. Ultimately, this is how she gained her basic experience as a musical artiste. At 16, Blue moved to London City, where she focused more on recording at the studio. With 15 years of studio recording experience, she is very easy to work with, knows what is expected and faces no issues when being instructed to adjust where necessary.
Spending years in New York City allowed her to get a feel of the music scene even further, recording with various independent labels, such as Alpha Productions (Yonkers, NY) and collaborating with other independent aspiring artists.

Additionally, Blue worked for Artist Magazine NY, showing up for Music Showcases at the Arts Centre in New York City on a weekly basis and networking intensely with individuals who work or have experience within the entertainment industry. Her focus has been and still is to mark her spot as a major label signed artiste and with her new record deal, she is well on her way.

The label has released an anthem, which has all of Kaywa's artists on a song called "Something Spiritual". Post this release will be various singles released by each individual artiste.

The afro pop diva’s first official EP was titled ‘Two Steps at a Time’ which includes hit singles such as Ajeii (featuring afrobeats heavy weight Castro) and BasaBasa ft. the man with the voice Bisa Kdei. Future collaborations include the likes of further influential African artistes, so make sure to be on the lookout for that.